Slaying the Minotaur

"I'm telling you, there's a gator in there, his head is like this big. It could eat a five year old."
Such were the words spoken to us as we prepared our infatable kayak on the boat launch. The old fisherman looked genuinely worried for us in our rubber boat, as we set out. We were headed upstream, through the more constricted part of the creek, here branches protruded from the water's surface every now and then, and even more lurked, barely submerged beneath the opaque waters.

After hours of dicey paddling through the congested creek we finally pulled our boat to shore on a slippery mud bank. There was no telling if the cave that was our goal would still be accessible via the route we had chosen according to a map from the 1950's I had dug up in a library search a few years ago. The ridge we approached looked promising though, and as we walked along it we eventually came to a low opening at our feet. Nervously looking at the map again, we dove in.

The cave was indeed a labyrinth, every few steps there were new passages and forks, each appearing the same as the last. Throughout the cave, string lay like cobwebs through the tunnels, a testament to the precautions others had taken. However we wanted to penetrate deeper than a roll of cord would allow and so relied upon map, compass, and our own abilities.

Initially we blundered about the same few halls in confusion checking and re-checking our position on the map until we knew with certainty where we were. Slowly as we made our way deeper into the farther reaches of the cave our confidence and navigation began to improve. Finally when we made it to our chosen destination, we determined to leave through a different entrance than the one we had come in.

As made our way through the south-eastern tunnels, we noticed a disturbing trend. The tunnel size was steadily decreasing. Eventually we were forced to crawl on our stomachs, carefully avoiding the delicate formations that rose up from the floor. The map promised that soon we would reach larger tunnels and finally an opening, but it was becoming difficult to be optimistic in a tunnel too small to raise our heads in.

Finally the map proved true and we both tumbled from part-way up a wall of a larger passage. A strong breeze told us we had found our way out after all. When we finally resurfaced, far from where we had entered, the weather had turned dark and stormy. Rain pattered down on us as we rowed back through the thick fog in silence.

A map of the cave.




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