As we pulled off the highway and became lost in New Orleans we saw a small hand-written sign advertising an estate sale nearby. On a whim we parked the car and wandered in search of the sale. The neighborhood seemed to come from the old south; huge houses set back from a street darkened by a line of enormous oaks draped in spanish moss.

By:Alex aka "Gam Gam"

As we came approached the house, coming up the walkway a sign out front warned us "Enter at your own risk". A.C. and I looked at each other. When we stepped inside we could see why the sign was there. The old manor house was crammed with a lifetime's possesions.

We spoke to the man running the sale. Just days ago the owner who had been a hoarder died. The stuff inside had been put up for sale in a rush as the house was to change hands in just two days. There were entire closets, cabinets, and chests that no one had been through in years and their contents was unknown. The "shopping", as it was was not unlike an archeological expedition.

We got to work, excavating piles of refuse in search of overlooked treasures. We had hoped to find some authentic voodoo charms(known as gris-gris) but there was nothing we were able to recognize as such. Nonetheless we recovered other treasures, rare antiquities and artwork, before the house was cleared out by a clean-up crew.

Later our adventures took us deep into the Louisiana's Atchaflaya Swamp. We boated and camped among the transient islands of the vast wetland. During the day we saw only birds and fish, leaping from the water. But on the islands hints of larger animals were discovered in the form of bones and fish carcasses.

Late at night as we lay inside our tent we could hear great bodies dragging themselves from out of the murky waters and moving about on land. We never saw what was out there, on the other side of our thin nylon wall. We could only assume that alligators, able to lay hidden all the day, had come out at night to investigate the unusual intrusion of their domain.


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