Public Lands

Outside of Carlsbad, New Mexico streches one of the most desolate landscapes I have ever laid eyes on. To the west lie the nondescript waves of the northern Guadalupe mountains and in every other direction sprawls dull brown flatlands, pocked with the occasional oil well.

The land, managed by the Bureau of Land Management, is what is left after various other public agencies selected the cream of the crop for parks, monuments and preserves. Leased off to oil companies and ranches, these public lands are mostly forgotten and misunderstood by those who own them.

But scratch beneath the surface of these places, and more often than not, the vast untameable wilderness that once made the west legend still exists. Turning the car off onto these dusty road and travelling for miles into what is still only a roughly mapped terrain can harken far more adventure then the most rugged parks and wilderness areas, with their detailed maps and visitor centers.

Here, outside Carlsbad, "beneath the surface" literally describes the surroundings, as a careful eye can sometimes spot small perturbances in the monotanous landscape passing by. Dotted with openings, massive tunnels wind just below the surface, remaining a secret to anyone without the curiosity to venture into these vast under-appreciated lands.


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