Organ Music

We were camped out at the base of the Organ Mountains in Las Cruces, New Mexico when around midnight we needed access to a backpack left outside the car. As soon as the door was opened a huge brown creature loped up from behind a bush. We fell onto each other in our rush to get back inside, slamming the door behind us.

The animal, we decided, was too big to be a coyote and couldn't be a wolf. A dog then? Anyway, we still needed the backpack. To retrieve it we did a series of three-point-turns and when the pack was lined up with a door we snatched it in. Limited by the car's windows we could still see the creature's outline moving in the

As the night progressed, a huge bank of clouds on the northern horizon swept in and shrouded the entire mountain range. Temperatures dropped precipitately and by morning the desert surrounding the peaks had been dusted in snow.

The next morning we peered out of the windows. The 'dog' was nowhere in sight. We each cracked open a door, only to find that the animal, a large german shepard, was sitting right in front of the vehicle, out of sight. It had spent the entire night, in below freezing temperatures, keeping watch over us.

We packed up our camp and tried to come to a decision about the dog. We ended up getting him up on top of our gear so we could take him into town. Unable to find a humane society we were forced to leave it at the local pound.



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