Two Sought Adventure

From the Pacific Ocean we set out to cross the continent. Travelling east the humid, salt-tinged breeze began to dry, and the lush plant life gave way to the tan and beige of the desert.

In the distance a dirty brown cloud seemed to hang over the earth. Soon we approached the Imperial Sand Dunes. All around us the yellow waves seemed to strech forever. Surrounding the dunes were military bombing ranges. Slowing the car, almost to a stop, we drove out into the sand.

That night we camped out in the blowing sands. Occasionally the nearby, unseen blasts rumbled beneath us and sent great plumes of dust into the air moments later.

As we prepared for sleep we could see a light slowly moving towards us from across the sands. Once in a while the light would turn off and then come back on even closer. Concerned that an interloper was following us we quickly packed up our campsite and moved on; deciding to use the darkness as well we chose not to use any of our own lights.

When the morning came we looked out into the empty sands and saw no traces of anyone else having been there. The night breeze had erased evidence of anyone's passage.


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