The Virgin River

On our way out to the rim we had passed through the Virgin River Gorge, a huge slice of rock carved out by the Virgin River. On our way back we looked out over a bridge that spanned the gorge. Miles of twisting, rocky, shallow whitewater streched out far below us.

Below the gorge we established a camp and left our car. Our bags were already packed for a hike down a side canyon of the Grand Canyon and a rafting trip. Instead we hiked along a major interstate highway with the intent of rafting through the gorge.

When we reached a point along the river's shoreline from which we could launch, a cold overcast sky threatened anything from rain, to snow. Not the weather we might have hoped for; the river's horizon seemed to boil with whitewater, promising a wet trip.

We set out in our little two person raft, towing a tube of supplies behind us. At first we drifted lazily but before long the pace picked up and the roar of the first rapids that plunged into the gorge began to make conversation difficult and we were thrown into the waters.

We emerged on the other side of the gorge with a punctured raft, cold, soaking wet, and minus one paddle. It had been a wholly different trip than the one we had planned for but was altogether better for it.


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