Bound for the Promised Land

"I'll see you tomorrow!"

And with that I stepped out of my bosses office as he turned back to his computer. The race was on and I bounded down to the parking level taking the stairs two at a time. Why the rush? Because tomorrow the boss was getting on a flight: DC to Albuquerque, and I had to be there in time to pick him up.

Night fell as the Blue Ridge mountains slowly gave way to the central plains. Getting out of DC is always a nightmare and I expect to make better time as the hour grows late. Coming down out of the hills I push the pedal down a little harder and the vehicle growls beneath me into the darkness.

Late at night the vehicle seems to hang outside of time and space; a time machine drifting in a dark void, the stars hang unmoving overhead. No matter how fast I try to go, I seem mired, progress impossible in the vastness of the universe. As I pass through timezone after timezone I straddle midnight. Like a time traveler trapped by my own invention I pass through one day only to be set back again to repeat the cycle.

As the sun begins to rise behind me, I cross the border into New Mexico. The world has changed around me, the bare hills and rocks of the desert are not familiar. In the distance I can just see the white tops of mountains. This afternoon my boss will land, having completed the same trip in just a few hours. We'll load the car with all the supplies it can carry and strike out further, always going west, always chasing the sun at the horizon's edge, and never catching up.


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