The Road North

We began our trip in the north-western part of Arizona. We had set out to reach the Grand Canyon in an effort to rappel over the rim and raft down the lower portion of the river. But it was not to be.


We had almost a hundred miles of dirt roads and off-roading to reach the rim where we would descend to the Colorado River. At first the road was easy but as we got closer to our destination temperatures dropped and deep snows hindered our progress. Finally just 15 miles from the edge huge snow drifts halted our progress and we were forced to turn back.

We passed over muddy roads and through a ghost town marked with warnings of a hantavirus contamination. The journey took a couple of days, and at night temperatures dropped precipitately. Each morning we woke up with a layer of frost coating the exterior of our car and our sleeping bags.

On the way we passed a herd of horses. We stopped for a closer look and they cantered over to get a look at us, and a taste. While we walked amongst them, they chewed our car's steering wheel, side mirrors, and hood, leaving dents and scrapes in the paint.

We could see the lights of a nearby town and hear noise from the highway as we emptied the last jerry can of gasoline into the vehicle.



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