Rainy Roadtrip 2

Once in a conversation with other explorers the topic of how often our adventures were successful arose. Going around most could only recall a handful of unsuccessful trips. Somewhat chagrined I admitted that most of mine were in fact unsuccessful.

I've led numerous trips that failed to reach or find their destination or had to turn back in the face of extreme danger. Once when I was particularly unhappy a friend wisely told me that only people on bus tours could look at an itinerary and know what they would find, explorers didn't have that luxury. The words rang true.

This time I had been warned that the cave was excessively dangerous, and probably not worth exploring. Determined to investigate anyway I found the opening, a strange grassy cone that funneled down to the entrance hole.

Rappelling in I found a crumbling shaft, wreathed with bright green mosses and ferns, as I descended I passed strange ice formations that glowed in the light that filtered down from above.

As I crawled through the narrowing tunnels a rare sense of claustrophobia grew in me as dirt and gravel sprinkled down from the ceilings and walls. I began to have the sensation that the entire system was in danger of imminent collapse. After a moment of deliberation I looked down the narrow tunnel that stretched further into the darkness and turned back with the greatest of caution. I'll never know what secrets lay hidden further on, but at least I won't be one of them.


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