The Transgression

Each grave had an oval of stones below it. It didn't take a lot of imagination to come to a conclusion as to what lay below our feet. Hardhat criticized me for propping my camera up with someone's stone, but we would penetrate far deeper into their realm than this before the day was over.

The first real monsoon of the season found Team Crowbar seeking yet another passage to the underworld. Hidden under these bleak skies and fog shrouded peaks, lay our goal; a small passage almost invisible except to those who know the way. What lay past this gateway, forever hidden except to those who have traveled into the beyond, only to satisfy a mad curiosity.

The pouring rains fell behind as we passed through the first gate, and my mind turned to the souls that lay above us. The cold water that fell above now filtered across their bones before dripping down onto us. Indeed the very tunnels we now walked passed below the remains of those who had come before. Perhaps they still wander these halls, ragged sentinels who could only gaze with baleful eyes upon our trespass.

As we pass deeper, the presence became more real. In my mind a wasted figure followed us, cloaked in shadows and a chill wind. Outside thunder cracked and rocked the unstable mountains above us, honeycombed with tunnels. Perhaps our follower laughed at my alarm.


With each journey beneath the earth I leave a part of my soul behind. One day I too will join their quiet council, forever. But not today. As we return to the surface the sun shines and the storm is over.

It is the way of the ninja.

I'm not in a lexus.


See the world, they
told me...

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