Struggling over the edge of a dune the first thing that strikes you is the silence. While I stop and catch my breath the entire world is motionless and quiet.

Ahead of me the sand stretches farther than I can see. Somewhere, beyond the dunes the mountains rise and break through the sand. This is my destination. I came here to cross the sands alone and on foot.

What landscape lies buried beneath this sand? In my imagination I see a forest, starved of sunlight, still standing, smothered yet supported. Behind me, my footprints are quickly erased by the blowing winds. What else has become lost here?

As I wander, leaving no record of my passing I cannot be sure which way I have come, or which way I was going. This must be what it feels like to be a ghost, cursed to wander the earth forever, but unable to hold influence over anything. I reach out to grasp something, and the sand slips, intangible, through my fingers. This is truly a place for the dead.

Without a warning the wind whips into a frenzy. Blinding, the sand stings my skin and catches in my throat, choking me. In that instant I have truly become a ghost, what is a ghost but an invisible soul, feeling but without consequence? And in that ghost moment I am privileged to a fleeting glance of the infinite. Nothing lies below here, in eternity all things will pass into dust.


See the world, they
told me...

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