Sinister 2

The first night we arrived we camped in the mountain's foothills. Not far from a dirt road we relaxed in the cool night air, a welcome relief from the desert heat. While we watched the stars and planned tomorrow's explorations a large pickup trap lumbered down the dirt road. We barely glanced at the man behind the wheel who wore a white cowboy hat that shaded his rough features, though the truck seemed to linger a moment before it passed.


By the third day we had conducted our subterranean business and were preparing to draw the operation to a close. Though we were none the wiser regarding our shadowy adversaries we were glad to not have found conflict. That evening found us by the local swimming hole, reading and chatting. Without warning we were approached by swaggering stranger. The tattooed man sat down heavily next to us and finished off the last of his budweiser. He began:

"What if... What if I offered you life? Would you take it?"


We sized the man up. "Depends", I said, "What are you suggesting?"

"Shrooms, I've got 'em, the caves... on shrooms."

We quickly refused his offer, but before he left he put a thick finger down on my notebook and drawled out "You give this shit up, ya hear? Give it up. You could pick life." With that ominous warning he left. But now we knew, the forces that worked against us had played their first hand. Give up Team Crowbar, and live. The offer stood.

No words were spoken between us. None were needed, Team Crowbar is forever.


Late in the night after our last operation we were putting up the tent when a large pickup truck turned into our campsite and blocked our way out. I whispered to E.C. "Is that the truck from the first night?" He gave a tight nod. "Get ready to haul ass." Another nod.

The truck's window slowly rolled down and a man with a white cowboy hat, features disguised in deep shadows, leaned out. "You boys camping here tonight?" he inquired.

"Yes sir." I spoke.

He nodded slowly. "How'd you find this place?"

"The internet" I replied vaguely.

No movement or reply came from him. Then "Dangerous round these parts, fourteen people missing just this year, disappeared with no trace."

"Yeah?" I said with a confidence I didn't feel, "That worry you, living out here like that?"

He chuckled a little "I dare someone to come for me." Then: "You boys be careful. Real dangerous out here." With that he pulled back into the truck and pulled out leaving us alone in the darkness to contemplate the magnitude of the forces that opposed us. Were his words a warning? Or a threat?

(The previous three events are probably not related to each other. Probably.)



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