Anatomy of my Ambition

Sometimes after I've made a decision I realize later that there was no decision at all. As soon as the idea had me, choice became illusion.

Canyon walls campsite

And so Thursday night found me frantically preparing for a weekend solo rafting trip down part of the Grand Canyon. I pulled my coat off its hanger and a cockroach fell out from somewhere in its folds. I don't get a lot of opportunity to wear it anymore. Oh well, this would be a good one, winter in the canyon is cold.

Dessicated Swamps - I'll never complain about hiking uphill again.

And so I set out, my raft, little more than a pool toy against one of the world's most powerful rivers. I didn't have time to raft the entire 277 miles so my plan was to hike across the desert and launch where I intersected the river.

Launch site.

The hiking portion of the trip was brutal, the worst conditions I have ever experienced. Each night I spent bordering on hypothermia, each day I clawed through the miles of thick, dead brush. The dams that now hem in the canyon seem to have created vast wastelands of dead wetlands on the western banks of the canyon. More than once I sat among the shattered branches, utterly hopeless, wondering if I could make it out of this hell, let alone to the river.

But eventually the dessicated swamp began to give way and soon I heard the rushing waters of the Colorado River. All around me the cliffs had risen to majestic heights from nowhere. Obscured by the brush I had not noticed their rise. Overwhelmed after days of the claustrophobic shrubbery I stopped and stared for hours. Finally, muddy and bleeding, I inflated my raft and prepared for myself for the cold waters.

For a day I drifted down the canyon. As evening set and the cliffs slowly fell back into the swamplands I pulled my raft ashore. A couple of tourists stared as I staggered out of the waters. I waved and they waved back, and taking a last look at the canyon I waved to the cliffs now miles away.

My appetite for the Grand Canyon has only been whet, the thirst for the Colorado not yet been slaked; I'll be back I think.

I'm not done here yet.


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