A New Chapter

For a sense of scale, I'm at bottom left.

It took two tries, one car accident, seemingly countless hours, and a paycheck worth of gear, to sit here now, beaten, cramped, exhausted, and successful.

Four years ago I felt like I had reached a turning point in my life. At that time the ideas behind Team Crowbar were just taking form. Until then I had felt as though I could see the future; the path of my life stretched out before me in time and along it I could see the various milestones that define a life. At the time I took some comfort in those feelings. I had been favored by fortune.

Then with little warning the circumstances of my life changed and my vision of the future was swept away as abruptly as a mote of dust. The security that came from my fantasy was gone, replaced by a kind of fear. At first I attributed the fear to my reversal of fortune, but in time I came to realize the opposite was true.

I feared what I had seen before, and how close it might have come to being reality. It hadn?t been a bad life I saw, quite the contrary. But now in the tomorrow?s fog I saw not hopelessness, but opportunity, a chance for greatness, discovery, and fortune. Before these were dreams, now I would shape destiny. Team Crowbar, and a new me was born then.

Once again I find myself at a turning point. Recently I quit a stable job, and decided to make an attempt at changing my profession utterly. I look ahead now and can barely see the path. I hope it stays that way.

This isn't a goodbye.


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