Pick Up Lines

So two guys walk into bar and one starts talking to some girls there. They ask him what he does and he answers "We climb mountains." They're a little skeptical but he pulls out a digital camera and shows them some of the pictures you see here.

I can't be held responsible for my friend's bad pick up lines. Besides they seemed to work, his new friends seemed a lot more interested. A group of us laughed and told tall tales late into the night.

The day had begun innocently enough in the early morning with a trek into the Superstition Mountains. Our destination: The summit of Weaver's Needle.

As made our way along the final summit ascent we became aware of a low droning noise that grew until it filled the air. When finally we almost couldn't hear each other and small two-seater bi-plane came sweeping in from around the mountain's blind side. Taken by surprise we clinged tightly to our position as the plane buzzed by us twice, dangerously close. As I was buffetted by the aircraft's wash, holding on for dear life, I could almost hear the laughter of the Red Baron echoing across the canyons and empty desert.

By: B.N.

By: B.N.

By: B.N.


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