I met with friends on one of my last nights on the east coast before travelling west to Arizona. We decided to head out to a cave, so I could see it for the last time. The cave, located alongside the Potomac river in Maryland where I lived was one of my first and still a favorite.

It was well after midnight when we reached the our the footpath; walking the last few steps into the grotto, all grew quiet as we approached a tiny opening at the base of the encircling cliffs. I felt small and insignifcant before this stone which has stood for millenia slowing wearing away.

Inside the cave we sat in total darkness talking quietly. All of us were explorers and we recounted the adventures we'd had together, laughing at the close calls and the total flops. At some point in the night I left the cave to stand outside for a bit. Behind me was the darkness of the cave and before me the moon shined over the Potomac, lighting it up like liquid silver.

I had spent most of my life here in the forests and the hills, but earlier this year I had gotten a taste of the high country and the rugged deserts to the west and knew that was where I belonged now.

I turned my back to the river flowing east and re-entered the cave to spend what was left of this last the night with my friends, but I had already said my goodbyes.


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