The Underdark

Historical maps can peel back the layers of time to reveal what hides beneath the facade of urbanity. While conducting another Team Crowbar investigation a curious feature on an old map led to further research, in the course of which we discovered a network of defunct aqueducts hidden beneath Connecticut's suburbia.

Access to the subterranean network was now limited to a single entrance, cleverly hidden. To gain access, a long trek over the state's highest mountains was required, no small feat during the winter night.

Indeed, unable to contain our excitement, we set out in the late evening, as soon as the results of our research were confirmed. Finally arriving at the circular portal, nestled in at the base of a huge cliff, we saw that a swift flow of water fed a lake nearby, defunct or not, the aqueduct still moved a lot of water. Stepping into the frigid water we passed into the underground.

The circular concrete tube stretched into the distance and our splashing footsteps echoed loudly around us. The tunnel, so mysterious on paper, in reality seemed to rapidly be shaping into an endless concrete highway. But as we began to contemplate turning back something changed up ahead. As we approached cautiously we found that the pipe abruptly ended and opened into a much larger tunnel hewn directly out of the rock. In these earthen halls thousands of bats dove and swooped around us while water dripped down from the ceiling above.

The water here was also much deeper and we were eventually forced to turn back before we would have liked due to the cold. When we resurfaced late in the night we found that a heavy snow had begun to fall. The hike back was a miserable forced march with wet shoes and pants that quickly froze. Fearing frostbite, we began jogging back to limit our exposure to the cold temperatures. Eventually we returned to the car, all extremities intact.

From the Archives

This historical photo was taken during the tunnel's construction.


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