The Apparition

I sprinted through the woods, making my get-away from another little caper. I had plotted out the route beforehand with satellite imagery and knew that I would be able to disappear into the woods undetected. Suddenly a great house, a mansion, stood in my path. Impossible! Could something like this have been built since those images had been taken? The building seemed to have come from nowhere.

When I had calmed down a little from my shock at seeing a building where I thought none could be, I realized that the home was abandoned. The vegetation had grown up and over it, covering all but a small corner, and camouflaging it effectively from my satellite images. Since one doesn't often stumble upon large abandoned homes in the woods, my new discovery erased all thoughts of the earlier dash. This was worth staying for.

After fighting my way through the thick brush obscuring the structure I stood before its front door, open wide. The windows and doors all appeared to remain intact from the outside, an unheard of occurence in these kinds of abandoned homes. These woods were large but they were not remote, surrounded on all sides by large suburban developments. To remain in this kind of condition, well nobody had been here in a long time and the building's presence must have been long forgotten even in local lore.

As I stepped through the open door I crunched through a layer of leaves and drywall that had eroded from the ceiling. Here and there the walls revealed the skeleton of the house where the outer layers had crumbled away.

As far as I could tell the house had rested undisturbed since the time of its abandonment. It was however decidedly lacking in clues regarding its prior usage or ownership. Its opulent style suggested something more than a simple dwelling or palce of business, a few scattered oil paintings, crystal doorknobs, a roman bathhouse.

It was not until years later when reminiscing about the mysteries I had encountered, a fanciful search for clues turned up a piece of promising information. Further inquiries turned up more information and I was able to piece together the building's history.

Built in the early 1900's, just after the gilded age, the house was built as a "Gentleman's Leisure Estate"; a place for a wealthy business tycoon to escape to on weekends and holidays. After he died it quickly fell into disrepair, and the vast surrounding estate was put to other more mundane use. Why it fell so quickly from the public eye and imagination remains a mystery.


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