Falling Dream

The light comes filtering in from far above, through blankets of mist and corridors of stone. It bounces, in sparkling droplets, off the damp rope connecting me to the world above. Am I halfway up yet? The distance is too far to judge and when I look down the bottom is shrouded once again in the darkness our team has just penetrated. I start ascending again; slower and less efficient with every break, my arms are quaking from exhaustion and perhaps some fear.

With every pull upwards to the surface I bounce around sickeningly on the end of the line. This is the problem with rappelling and ascending a dynamic climbing rope: its shock absorbing properties cause my every motion to result in large up and down oscillations. It's easy to imagine the rope far above me sawing against the rock, maybe splitting, fraying, weakening, all well out of sight. There will be no warning before it breaks and there is nothing around me to grab hold of. I try not to imagine myself, spinning, falling, through empty space, just me and the bottom.

On the surface it starts to rain and the heavy drops, falling an extra hundred or so feet, pelt against my face forcing me to stare downwards into the 186 foot deep chasm yawning below. Pulling yourself up that distance is exhausting and my progress now feels infinitesimal when judged against the inky void below.

My reverie is broken abruptly by shouts from above, friendly arms grab my shoulders and encourage me upwards, "Come on! This is the hardest part! Pull!" I finally drag my body over the ledge and collapse on the ground. Rain is pouring down over us and mud runs in rivulets around my prostrate body. I can only tremble, relief flooding me.

On the surface when I try to express what happened to prepare others, I find it impossible, like trying to describe a dream. The return to solid ground is the same as waking up from a dream. All you can remember is falling.


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