To get to the coast we had to walk through the old growth forests of the Olympic Peninsula. We started our trip late and only had a small window of time through which we would be able to pass safely beneath Scott's Bluff at low tide. Soon high tide would come crashing in against the high cliff walls and we would be cut off from our destination.

We trudged through the thick mud which covered the forest floor. Every step into the oozing mud came up to our ankles as if trying to pull us backwards. Keeping the mud saturated a heavy rain poured as we approached the shore. By the time we made it, we were soaked in mud and cold water, but finally we could see the pacific ocean.

As we came down to the shore we were abruptly greeted by an sharp seafood-like odor. It turned out that the day before a dead whale had floated to shore. Upside down it lay among the sharp rocks along the coast, the tide now far below it. Continuing, we hurried along the shoreline towards the bluff hoping we'd still have time to make the crossing before the waves came in.

Finally we crossed between Scott's Bluff and the approaching water, and made our way to that night's campsite, adorned with a treasure trove of oceanic miscellany. At the water's edge a vast collection of buoys dangled from toppled tree limbs like pirates at the gallows.

The rain beat down on us unceasingly throughout the night. Our tent developed a dozen leaks that dripped and mocked our efforts the stay dry. Sleep doesn't come easy when the only place to lay is a shallow pool of cold water. By morning everything we had brought with us was thoroughly soaked.

The following day we made light of our wet misfortune and as the tides rolled in we swam out among the vast sea stacks of the Giant's Graveyard. Despite the danger from frigid waters, submerged rocks, and sea-logs (broken tree trunks propelled by the crashing waves), we pulled past the wild chaos of the breaking waves and bobbed tranquilly for a moment, each of us just a drop in the vastness of the ocean.

Hiking through the mud.

The dead whale.

Passing beneath the bluff.

The buoy trees.


The breaking waves.


See the world, they
told me...

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